"Humanity learns and lives through stories; theatre is the telling of stories.

Theatre is, therefore, the essence of our humanity."


Will 'Calaviero' Kemp was one of the finest performers of his day. Gentleman player, juggling jester, headmaster of Morris dancers and London's finest clown, until...he fell out with Will 'git face' Shakespeare. 

Kemp died alone and poverty stricken, not very far from the original Globe Theatre, of which he was an original shareholder and faded into obscurity. A world away from his former life having originated some of literature's best-known characters, including Bottom, Dogberry, and Falstaff. 

Join Calaviero Kemp as he gives his final performance to an audience of a mouse and a marrote, and tells us what really happened between him and Shakespeare.​ A bittersweet and comic tale told by an idiot.


Meet Dr. Henrietta Jekyll a brilliant and innovative neurobiologist who has been developing mechanisms for altering human behaviour. 

Welcome to her TED talk.

As a member of the audience you will become a part of Dr. Jekyll's story as she brings her latest discovery in the evolution of human behaviour into the 21st century. 

Jekyll and Hyde breathtaking new interpretation of one of literature's most exciting classics. A tale of duality, inner demons, and the ever-present darkness that lies within us all told in a unique way.

A co-production between TORTIVE THEATRE and the WORCESTER REP, coming for a limited run in Spring 2021. 

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