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Sam Tolland

The Cabaret Club

Training: The Musical Theatre Academy (MTA),

Theatre: Gaining popularity in the recent years, Sam has acquired quite a few stage credits including Jaguar in Christian Durham’s Just So at The Bridewell Theatre (2014); Beast in Howard Samuels’ Beauty and the Beast at The Bridewell Theatre (2014); Ensemble in Guy Unsworth’s Cool Rider at the Duchess Theatre (2015); Bee (Pig) in Three Little Pigs at the Palace Theatre, as well as the
show’s Australian and UK tour (2015); Galileo in We Will Rock You aboard Anthem of the Seas (2016-17); Judge/swing/understudy Ledoux & Jagwire in Jay Scheib’s Bat Out of Hell at the Dominion Theatre (2018); Mormon Ensemble in The Book of Mormon at Prince of Wales Theatre (2019); Galileo in We Will Rock You aboard the Royal Caribbean (2020).




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