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FEATURE: The Third Witch From The Left

Writer and actor Jules Hobbs talks to us about her upcoming show, The Third Witch From The Left, being live streamed in January 2021.

The Third Witch From The Left
The Third Witch From The Left

Why the third witch? Why not the first or second?

Good question! In the original play, the second Witch scene features Hecat (“the head one”) with three witches who don’t speak. When I noticed this, I wondered what the point of those three were (probably missed out of most productions). So Meg the Witch is one of these unnamed, non-speaking witches. I can’t tell you the reason why she is the third witch from the left as opposed to the first or second except to say there’s something about the Magic Three, especially in theatre, that seems to fit!

Will seeing the events of Macbeth through the eyes of Meg change our perception of the play and/or characters?

It might do, or it might just underline some of the thoughts you may already have about the characters. The scheming ambition, the guilt, the fear. It also focuses on luck, chance and destiny - sometimes it takes just one small inconsequential action to set off a chain of events that eventually seal your fate. It also raises the question of interpretation of information, hearing what we want to hear as opposed to what is actually being said.

What would you like the audience to take away from the performance of the play?

I’d like them to go away with something to think about as well as having had a giggle and maybe a tear. There’s a bit of a ‘You get back what you give out’ theme to the piece, every action has a consequence, sometimes good, sometime bad and, even if you can’t always be in control of that, you have to take responsibility for it. I’d also really love it if someone who doesn’t know the original play feels inspired to go and read or watch it!


The Third Witch From The Left will be live-streamed on the 14th January 2021 at 7:30pm.

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