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Green Eggs and Hamlet!

Hamlet is the inspiration for our second play in the BARD HEADS series, Call Me Oz. Osric, a courtier in the court of King Claudius, is made much fun of by Prince Hamlet but is one of the only survivors of the infamous Danish massacre. Nearly Forty-Five years later, Osric (sorry, Oz) reveals all in a series of media interviews. In celebration of this week's performance we've compiled a list of fascinating facts about the play behind the play, Hamlet.


The Lion King was famously billed as Disney's first animated original story, rather than being based on an existing tale. But even to the novice Shakespeare fan The Lion King is obviously based on the epic play, Hamlet. Okay, they made it about lions, set it in the African Savanna, and it had a much happier ending...but the rest of the film. Well...its a pretty clear copy and paste job.