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Home Comforts

Sharon, widowed mum, working from home, craving silence. Adam, ill-disciplined teenager, home schooling, creating chaos.

“You’re father’s old shed is your new classroom.”

She packed him off to the end of the garden: laptop, study notes, litre of Cola and the biscuit barrel.

The shed proved to be a Tardis transporting Adam to a land of memories. His father’s old flying jacket smelling of tobacco, a leather pilot’s helmet and, hidden away, a stack of vintage Playboy magazines. He was perusing one when he was startled by a voice outside: “Luv? Can I get you anything?” “Muuuum!” he yelled, “I’m working.”



All work remains copyright of the owner. No reproduction of this work is permitted without written permission from the author detailed here. If you wish to contact the author, please get in touch with Tortive Theatre.

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