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Tortive Theatre is delighted to be joining forces with Academy Theatre Arts (ATA) to celebrate the school's 30th Anniversary. Over the next 12 months, Tortive Theatre aims to raise £1000 for the Friends of Academy Theatre Arts, which will go towards bursaries and support for young people training in creative and performing arts at ATA.

Our challenge is a simple one. To come up with 30 handmade products over the course of the year, make 30 of each, and sell them. All profits from the sale of every product will go towards the fundraiser!

That's 900 handmade gifts, products and item that will be made over the course of the year!

We've already started with our first three products, which are perfect for Christmas. Visit our #LovetheBlue page for more information

Help us to ensure that young people can continue to train and develop their skills in creative and performing arts.

#CreativeArts #PerformingArts #Fundraising #WeAreViable

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