Meet Phillip Sheahan

The winner of August's #FlashFiction101 competition was Phillip Sheahan with his story, A Star is Born.

Born and raised in Australia, Phillip came to the UK last century in search of adventure and is still acclimatising to the British weather. Phillip has been writing commercially and for pleasure for more decades than he cares to recall.

Theatre has always a passion, particularly playwriting. Soapsud Island, which he wrote in collaboration with The Questors Theatre, Ealing, is a particular favourite and has been performed all over the UK. Phillip describes his writing as a ‘creative smorgasbord’ of mediums and styles from short stories, flash fiction, film and video scripts, speeches, plays and poetry, as well as copywriting, presentations, innovative training games … but the chef-d’oeuvre novel is yet to be hatched.

According to Phillip, ‘Everything is storytelling. And storytelling is everything’: a mantra that serves him well as an award-winning speaker with his local speaking club and a member of Toastmasters International.

If you'd like to know more about Phillip's writing you can contact him via email.

You can read his winning entry, A Star is Born, here.

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