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No Room at the Inn

Traffic always brings out the worst in people.

“We have one week, George.”

“I know.”

“Are you going to tell your parents? Or will I?”

“Listen, don’t worry. I can fix the bathroom in a couple of days. They don’t need to know that we forgot to book them a room at Premier Inn. Plus, they’d want to spend Christmas and New Year with the kids anyway.”

“And what on earth are we going to do for the other seven days? Play Scrabble every day?”

Sandy shifted uneasily in the backseat. The announcement of her newfound veganism would have to wait.



November's #FlashFiction101 shortlist is made up of 23 stories, with one story being released daily as an advent calendar of festive flash fiction. Look out for a new story every day with the winning entry being announced on the 24th December 2021.