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Recruitment Process

A clinically overweight, old man stood in my living room. In his hands, mottled with liver spots, an enormous sack.

“Can I help you?” I said ; yes, home invasion is no joke, but who could be scared of a retirement home escapee with an infatuation for the colour red?

Sooty hands around my neck. Thick, pudgy ones. Before I knew it, I was in a chokehold.

“Listen closely, boy. I’m not gonna repeat myself…”

His hot breath, a blend of tobacco and pickled onions, whispered into my ear. He was a walking respiratory problem.

“You’re gonna be the next Santa.”



November's #FlashFiction101 shortlist is made up of 23 stories, with one story being released daily as an advent calendar of festive flash fiction. Look out for a new story every day with the winning entry being announced on the 24th December 2021.

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