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Second Coming by Mark Kilburn

At the sound of the morning siren the night-watchmen and women stood down.

Jude collected a parcel of food, carefully prepared by the ladies in the church hall. 

‘Hurry girl’ they said. ‘He’s waiting.’

She ran across the common to an old decrepit barn, took a deep breath and went in.

He stood in the shadows – tall, robed, bearded, eyes unmistakably wise. She placed the food on the floor, bowed uncertainly, and left.

Walking home she wondered: Why here ? Why now ? Why us ?

His presence was a secret only the villagers knew. 

Now she would tell the world.



All work remains copyright of the owner. No reproduction of this work is permitted without written permission from the author detailed here. If you wish to contact the author, please get in touch with Tortive Theatre.

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