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The Author's Life

The tired writer had weighed up her odds of publication before submitting. Normally, one in five hundred, maybe. But, given her new status, she figured it was at least ten times less likely.

Her acceptance email after years of trying was a surprise. But the requested biography troubled her. What really mattered now? Everywhere she looked, she saw nothing.

Finally, she turned to the most obvious inspiration. “Beloved wife and mother”, she borrowed from her gravestone. After all, that was her greatest legacy. Besides, she knew enough not to expect anyone outside of friends and family to read her story anyway.



All work remains copyright of the owner. No reproduction of this work is permitted without written permission from the author detailed here. If you wish to contact the author, please contact Tortive Theatre.

#FlashFiction101 is a monthly competition and free to enter. For more information on the competition please visit

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