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The Boundary by Nadine Holland

6am. Sirens blare.

The somnolent town springs to life as 5,000 workers leave their dwellings simultaneously, with the satisfying efficiency of a colony of ants.

Except for one, who slips, unnoticed, towards the forbidden town boundary.

At 6pm the sirens will sound again, and the workers will return home, step on charging platforms and power down for the night.

A different alarm sounds as X1T101 steps over the boundary, and is afforded the briefest taste of freedom before being struck down by the electrified security fence for the 6028th time. 

Then, X1T101, the town’s alarm tester, returns home for the night.



All work remains copyright of the owner. No reproduction of this work is permitted without written permission from the author detailed here. If you wish to contact the author, please get in touch with Tortive Theatre.

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