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The Cycle Cycle by Liam Kerry

6:00 - The alarm sounds signalling that the batteries need changing. The subject dismounts the exercise bike and removes the batteries from the charger attached. He appears to be in tears.

6:02 - The subject trips as he races towards the alarm on the wall. No notable signs of injury.

6:03 - The subject has successfully replaced the batteries in the alarm.

6:05 - The subject has placed the drained batteries in the charger.

6:06 - The subject has remounted the exercise bike and continues to pedal.

Alarm set for 11 hours 54 minutes.

Nineteen successfully completed cycles. The experiment continues.



All work remains copyright of the owner. No reproduction of this work is permitted without written permission from the author detailed here. If you wish to contact the author, please get in touch with Tortive Theatre.

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