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OCTOBER'S WINNER: You're on Mute, Dave by Alan Nettleton

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Monday. 9:30. Team meeting time. I click. Six faces look back at me.

“Morning Dave? How was your weekend?”

Do they really care?

“Good, thanks.”

“You’re on mute, Dave.”

I click the microphone and try to repeat, but no words come out.

The expressions change. Smiles gone. All the faces speak as one. “You’re on mute, Dave.”

My voice has gone. Why can’t I speak?

“You’re on mute, Dave.”

Can’t even cough. Then my fingers pause above the keys. Hovering.

“Dave, you’ve frozen.”

I can’t move. My hands, body and eyes are locked.

“We’ve lost Dave.”

I sit and stare. Forever.